Log Analyzer for SEO

With Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer, discover how Google and bots crawl your website. Rely on 100% accurate data, receive the SEO traffic you deserve and increase your rankings.


OnCrawl SEO log analyzer helps you

Check crawl errors from bots, monitor the crawl rate of each bot for any group of pages, improve your architecture and crawlability.


Monitor your crawl behavior

Understand how Google bots crawl your website. Get clear insights about crawler hits by bot name. Know your crawl frequency by pages and newly fetched pages. Organize your analysis by date and access a daily monitoring.

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Measure your logs SEO impact

Analyze your visits, active and inactive pages. Discover which new pages generate traffic. Calculate with our Fresh Rank how many days a page crawled for the first time needs to be visited.

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Explore your website sanity

Get a clear view of your site’s technical performances when bots crawl it. Access a daily report of your status codes returned by pages and resources. Discover and optimize crawled resources.

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Start doing crossed analysis of your logs and crawl data

You can also combine your logs with your crawl data and get crossed analysis reports!
Understand how your content, HTML quality, architecture and performance influence your rankings and crawlability.
Track your crawl frequency and SEO visits by page groups, your orphan pages and any other factors that impact your crawl frequency.

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